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Here is my totally public collection of stories that I've been working on for quite some time now--please do not claim my ideas as your own. That's kind of a dick move. I'm trying to make a portfolio of sorts while also becoming morally obligated to keep writing for strangers on the internet, because that'll hopefully get me to actually write. I mean, it got me to complete what ended up being a 500-page fanfiction several years ago, so I hope that'll end up happening again but for my original stuff, haha. Additionally, since I'm also using this as a storage container for my writings, a lot of this will not make sense without knowing the whole story-- keep that in mind if you happen across a one-shot with seemingly zero context. Additionally, while this site isn't centered around webpage creation, I absolutely adore the style of the old-web and will try to make this site look as cool as possiblie, even though I have zero knowledge of HTML and CSS :)

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11 Apr 2021 21:12:37

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wow, you've made it to my corner? damn, i'm a wallflower even on my own webpage...
well, here's a souvenir for your scrolling, and a magic portal to the home page!
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