I like to think of myself as the host of an intergalactic TED Talk, but I'm really just screaming into the void--truth be told, I'm okay with that too.

Anyway, hello! I'm Olivia :] I'm 19.......and I'm blanking. Turns out that I'm having a mid life crisis about *checks watch* twenty years early. But that's okay! Because clearly if I check the date on an analog clock, I must be mentally famished on a catastrophic level. Anyway, I love to write stories and make worlds and such, so I'm putting together this ~radical~ website so I have a place to store my crimes against humanity. Cool, right? And also the best use of my time by far.

((for context I am a quasi-college student who works full time at a video game store. zoo wee mama))

Of course, to my delight and suprise, the NeoCities community has been very accepting of this premise and the website I'm crafting, and I've been accepted among the ranks of JAUP and the Area-51 Neighborhood despite my not having posted a single sliver of fictitious material. It'll be sooner rather than later, my friends, I was much braver in middle school.

((another contextual aside: i posted an absolute unit of a fanfiction onto wattpad many moons ago, and to my horror it has sustained some 450,000 views, give or take. i posted it without beta-reading, and without permission from the writing gods, and it truly suffered from it. however, a few weeks after i tossed my trash onto the heap that is the wattpad library, i began to notice more and more ravenous fangirls were absorbing my chappies with intensifying ferocity, and it was in that moment i knew that i had started something i was not ready to comprehend. one year and 75 chappies later, the book was finished with over 500 pages, and i've never recovered. it also a sequel that i still add to every now and then lmao))

If you only take away one thing from this word-dump, let it be this: I'm here to abduct people into my imagination like aliens in a flying saucer. As for the reasoning, I feel incredibly stagnant with how I'm living, and while I know that this is the very beginning of my life, I am a little too aware of the fact that if I allow myself to continue like this for another year, that year is gonna stretch into two years, and then five years, and a decade, until I'm into year 37 of mind-eroding normalcy and I realize that I wasted my youth playing by the rule book. Fuck those rules, I'm doing what I want to, and hopefully I'll make a legacy I can be proud of. I hope you enjoy the trip with me, earthlings.

Sincerely, the pilot of theMothership