02 Mar 2022 17:32:47
  • Dudes, I'm sorry for not updating the site, but I've still been keeping myself busy, lemme tell ya! For starters, since october first I've been writing a minimum of 600 words every damn day, which puts me at around 121,360 words total for one story in particular!! This means that a first chapter is very, very close by, so I'll finally be able to deliver on the promise of this website being made to feature my works of fiction! Thank you for sticking around for the prelude~
  • On that note, i added a counter-clock to the home page so you can see how many days i've kept up with my streak--which is currently at 152 days--as soon as you check the site! since my coding skills are a little rusty, i'll admit i damn-near copy/pasted the whole thing, but the credits are up in the .html for the page itself, so it's very easy to find out where i got the script from :)
  • Also, I showed this page to my dad a few months ago, so now he's a part of the mothership! While i'm grateful to have him aboard, this also means that i will more than likely never put my fanfictions on this site ._. forgive me, i am shy, and i don't think he's ready for the literary genius that is whatever the hell i put onto AO3 and tumblr...
  • Ukraine is a country of badasses and as an American i look up to them with nothing but admiration. Russian Warship, go fuck yourself. I hate that Russians are dying, but Putin needs to know that he can't expect this to be an easy fight. Sorry to get political, but this is important enough for me to not be publicly wholly neutral
  • Every day since Elden Ring dropped I thank god for not making me the kind of loser who blames the game when i get killed and instead tries to improve my skills to earn my win. My roommate is not that kind of person lmao i'm listening to him rage as i type this


25 Apr 2022 01:49:23
  • Hello hello, here i am once again to bring minimal updates because i'm scared of showing my guts even though that was the whole purpose of making this whole site in the first place! In good news, i have decided to post something before my twentieth birthday arrives this June, because being a teenager is all about making poor choices that have life-long ramifications and i've noticed a distinct lack of such choices. Anyways...
  • I added some changes to the guest list page, as well as responded to some of your comments! The changes include adding two extra text boxes to add what you like about the website and what you think would be cool to add--they are optional, of course, and you can choose to just leave a message if you want :)
  • So, there's been a long standing feud with me, myself, and i over what to refer to ourselves as on the internet because i have identity issues. i've gone by too many pen-names, and i've even struggled with what to call myself here since while i want to have some form of anonymity, none of the names i tried felt right. but! i've come up with a genius solution!!! and that is to simply go by my actual name :D it's olivia, by the way lol and i can't believe it took me this long to figure that one out.
  • Completely unrelated to web-building and name-choosing, i read the Demon Slayer manga a few weeks ago and my heart still hasn't recovered. i never thought i could find a story in which every damn character is thoroughly enjoyable, yet here we are. seriously though, a character who started out as my least favorite when i watched the anime has ended up as my unironic favorite after reading the whole manga lol what a twist!! i've also written an egregious amount of fanfiction about this series... someone send help, it's distracting me from my original stories! (also RIP in peace Rengoku 5ever in our hearts. i did not think that a death so obvious would be so gut-wrenching (see what i did there?? i'm going to hell for that one (bro don't sleep on all the other valid reasons you're going to hell)))
  • Also completely unrelated, but i finally got myself a new air mattress!!! i no longer wake up on the floor and have to refill the damn thing every thirty minutes!! ah, bliss...
  • Also also, i've been playing an ungoldy amount of Rune Factory 5. somebody stop me

26 Apr 2022 19:08:47
  • Back so soon? Why yes, I am! I'm currently working on doing some changes to the updatelog UI, and I'm not done just yet either, so expect more soon! I'm mostly adding this to see how things look so far haha plus it's been awhile sine i've made consistent updates and i'd like to document that i have! Anywho, i'm doing some adjusting to the CSS, as well as making a specific CSS file for this page in particular. I moved the h1 tag to be right aligned and for the h2 tag to be on the left, and i also want to add some banners and more sparkly things once i hammer down how i want the drop-downs to work. Anyway, i'll go into more detail once it's finished! Toodles~

27 Apr 2022 00:57:25
  • I'm back like i said i would be! I adjusted where certain elements are aligned on this page, as well as fixed every single entry so it shows up differenly! Basically, what I did was...
  • I changed it so that the summary tag shows the time and date of the edit, so that you click on that to show the updates for that specific day, instead of clicking the ominous 'details' button and getting every update in one single drop down. Super handy for wanting to check the updates of a specific day and not the whole month at once!
  • Also, i did this for every entry, so that took a minute lol i also discovered that i was completely misusing the summary tag in the first place by putting it in places where it wasn't even doing anything for some reason. I have no idea what train of thought lead me to do that, but it's fixed now and i know vaguely how to use the tag properly for what i need it for, and that's good enough for now!
  • I want to add some cute divider banners beside each month for some razzle-dazzle, but idk which ones to use so i'll save that addition for another night :) that's all for now!


04 May 2022 17:16:49
  • Hello hello! I have a few small changes and one huge announcement to make for today, with the first one being...
  • I finally fixed that stupid red divider!! The vertical one on the left side of the home page and also the updates page. It used to not load, or it would only load in portions, so i had to completely redo it to fix it. I have no idea what was even wrong with it, just that it magically stopped working one day and it's been on the agenda to fix for months now, but now it's better!
  • Now, these changes haven't been added to the pages just yet, but they're in the works and will be added soon (i'm writing them in a word document to add later once i'm happy with them). But basically, i want to change the home page to have more information about who i am and how this website will function as a hub for my brain-space, which leads me to the final update...
  • I've decided that i've been skirting around actually pursuing this page for too long, so the first chapter of no fewer than four of my stories will be posted on or before June 20th because that is my golden birthday and i need a deadline to get me off my ass lol. I've been writing ravenously lately, so i should have them done soon, and once they're up i also plan on starting a Patreon for those who like my stuff. That being said, that means i'll probably also start using twitter or something similar in tandem with this site because--as much as i love neocities and the community who uses it--i'd like to show my stories to as many people as possible. Anyway, that's a way future thing, and once i get a journal page done (which is one of the projects that's on the agenda) then i'll go into more detail into what that means for the mothership going forward. Anywho, thank you to the few people who check these updates--it really means a lot to me!! I hope you're all doing well, and I'll see you soon!

06 May 2022 15:52:04
  • I don't have too much for today, just that I adjusted the follower marquee a bit to make room for a new person! Welcome to Neocities, Chron :D let me know when you get a cool custom button so I can use that one instead!
  • Also, while I was adding them to the marquee, I went ahead and downloaded everyone's buttons to host them directly on my website instead of linking to everyone's individual pages just in case you guys move stuff around and that link no longer works. Plus, it makes it easier for me to organize everyone!
  • I'm still working on adjusting the layout of the website in codepen, and it's proving to be a major pain in the ass... Still, I'll have it up and functioning within a week or so :)
  • Also, random thing, but why the hell is Attack on Titan being split into different halves of one season??? Just call it separate seasons if there's going to be a year between each part anyway, damn...

11 May 2022 01:26:38
  • Very simple fix for the night: i adjusted the header navigation buttons so the images show up like they're supposed to. the reason they weren't for a bit was because i changed the name of the file directory that i hold them in, so i had to go back and change that.
  • I was trying to have these buttons in a nav function, but then i realized i don't actually understand how those work kek. Also, they were trying to show up as having vertical placements?? i think i have some wacky css somewhere because they were positioned horizontally on my codepen, but whatever, i'll fix that later. i'm still working on revamping the website on codepen, so hopefully i'll have that done soon!
  • Also, i told another irl friend about the website, which is ironic because he also told me that if i'm nervous to post stuff that i should use a pseudonym--which would be good advice if irl people didn't know about the website to begin with lmao. still, happy to have him and his GF aboard! i'm still scared to post stuff, though.........



08 Apr 2021 02:24:40
  • Added buttons at the footer of the page with links to take you to pages that follow me (thank you all, by the way!);
  • Added a divider tag in my stylesheet, but I probably did it wrong and will need to fix it soon, big oof;
  • Changed the style of noting the dates changes are made because I think it looks cooler. It also shows you guys that I have a whack sleeping schedule and should probably be asleep right now, but I work all day and this is the only chance I get to work on this;
  • Not a change, but my dog sat on my lap while I was doing this and it was super cute :)

09 Apr 2021 02:05:22
  • Updated the links to my follower's webpages--go check 'em out!
  • On that note, Dannarchy made me a button for my page, and I absolutely love it!
  • Made a rudimentary page to keep track of all of my previous updates, it's under the updates button at the top;
  • Finally did my hekking laundry while I was writing this;
  • Tried making a divider and did not succeed :( will try again tomorrow night.

10 Apr 2021 01:35:38
  • Updated the links to my follower's webpages!
  • Figured out how to make a slideshow for Cadnomori's button (which took way longer than it should have, but hey, now I know how haha);
  • I'm working on making a table so I can organize my stories instead of just dumping them into some bland page, but it's still a work in progress so I haven't connected the page to any buttons. I'm using the script for Cadnomori's page as an inspiration since I'm not sure what I'm doing, haha. Regardless, even though the page is still in a very early beta form, here's a link for anyone who's interested in seeing what fresh hell I'm brewing.

11 Apr 2021 03:02:17
  • Added two new links to the follower's section of the home page;
  • After staring at my screen for two hours and banging my head against the wall multiple times, I've discovered the iframe syntax. Basically, that'll make constructing an intricate webpage waaaaaaaaaay easier, since what you do is make tiny segments of a full page and then frankenstein them together when you're ready, instead of having to code the whole thing from the top down. You can see my current attempt at a title bar here;
  • Not an update, but I have the day off tomorrow and I'm super stoked haha. I might actually update this page at a reasonable hour instead of *checks watch* three in the morning. Until next time, friends.

11 Apr 2021 21:12:37
  • Added two new links to the follower's section of the home page;
  • I've built a very rudimentary version of how I want my story pages to be formatted--you can check it out here or by clicking the "about" button at the top of the page! The colors are a little too bright, but I'm honestly sick of staring at the script so I'll leave that as a fix for another night, haha;
  • I finally updated the site during the day instead of waiting until an ungodly hour of the early AM to do so.


a Summary...

brought to you by my lack of time-stamped and tallied updates throughout this entire month

In spite of my lack of an actual record for all of these additions to the site, May was truly a good month as far as updates go. The main reason why I neglected to write proper update logs was because each addition took several days, and after it was all said and done I was content with writing a quick update on my profile page and moving on to the next task (after a much-deserved rest period and nap session, of course). Anywho, here is a brief list of everything I added during this time:
  • Finally added a cool and memorable home page! Everyone give it up for Cadnomori for unintentionally helping me out via her codes. Her home page was a great inspiration for mine, but I feel like I really made it my own and added some cool little sprites and such :) if you look closely though, you can definitely see some her page in my own;
  • I used the above code to spruce up my other pages too;
  • The Guest Book is officially live! Using iFrames, I was also able to remove the "123guestbooks" url to make it a part of my own webpage, as opposed to a link to a 3rd party website. I think it looks cool, and we've already gotten several entries!


a Summary

Yeah, I'm a two-for-one special of months where I slacked off....

  • I made an entry-page for the Mothership! This is the page that you first see when you just visit themothership straight from Neocities, and it has a cool PNG of the Mothership title, and also has specifications for the perfect viewing setup for these pages. Give them a shot if it's not already what you have your browser set to--it seriously makes a difference!;
  • There are all kinds of tabs in the story section for the big projects I'm working on--some of them even have synopses up! Otherwise, I haven't been brave enough to actually post any chapters yet... I do have some ideas for short-stories that I might put up first, though, so there might be an update soon!;
  • Celebrated my 19th birthday on the 20th! Everyone either guesses that I'm older based on my attitude, but younger based on appearance :/ no one ever guesses right on the first try haha but I'll let you guys know the secret *wink wonk*.


13 Jul 2021 02:07:37

Tonight's big changes...

  • I finally made an updates page that I actually like! Hooray! I would prefer it if the entries were in reverse-chronological order so you don't have to scroll so far, but that's what the marker tags on the left bar are for. Anyway, i really like how this looks, and I'll try to keep writing down my updates like a sane person;
  • Some super cool web-surfers left comments on my profile page, and I, like the fool I am, haven't responded because it's been like a month since I last checked neocities. I just wanted to say that I read all of the comments and I appreciate your activity! It really means a lot that this site could be a place for people to hang out and enjoy themselves, even if we are a very small group of *checks list* 14 peeps, plus one alien-webmaster, haha. You guys are the best, and i hope you'll continue to stick around for more cool additions to the site, and even those cool stories I've been promising!

13 Jul 2021 23:49:21

Major changes tonight, folks!

  • Just kidding :P
  • But I did get added to the Area 51 Neighborhood!! You can visit the list of sites here! I'm super excited to be a member of such a weird and unique community, it truly does make me happy to be here. One of the things that I love about NeoCities is how newcomer friendly everyone is. It's truly an inviting place, and if you don't already have your own site, go make one! It doesn't have to be fancy haha you can add all the intricate stuff later.
  • Also, I got a new follower and I'm super happy :] welcome aboard the Mothership!

15 Jul 2021 0:47:47

Tonight's big changes...

  • I fixed the updates link so it actually sends people to the new page instead of the old one. Super weird problem i was having: it kept sending me to the old html file even though I deleted it from neocities. Idk why it was giving me so much trouble, so if you notice that every .html file name corresponds to the word on the red buttons at the top EXCEPT for updates, that's why. I had to change it so it'd link to the new one instead.
  • On a similar note, I updated my segment on my about page! I streamlined it a little to be more accurate and less cluttered while still providing some information about yours truly. Let me know what you guys think! Was it hard to follow?
  • skyward sword for the switch should be shipped to the store I work at today (a day before release) and you know what that means--playing that shit a whole 24 hours in advance bby B) this is why I sold my soul to a local game shop

24 Jul 2021 23:47:07

This took way too long, honestly

  • I've been thinking of cool things to add to my site that take me back to the old Deviant Art days, so I've decided to make a page that goes into more detail about me and has a cool diary space! It's not done yet, but I did finish a little window for the bottom left of the main menu page that has a little "how the webmaster is feeling" box for emotes and fun stuff. The reason why it took so long is because it uses an iframe, which those of you who have read through my old update logs know that iframe tags are the bane of my existence and I try to avoid them whenever possible. I made an exception this time so i could edit the feelings-box seperately without worrying about possibly fucking up the table I worked so hard to make, haha.
  • Skyward Sword HD is great, btw. Those of you with a keen eye may have noticed that the background of the feelings-box is a pastel hylian shield :D at the moment I'm playing Neo:the world ends with you and I really enjoy it. it comes out on tuesday!
  • My mom's birthday was yesterday!! on a similar note a brat called me old the other day at work...


01 Aug 2021 22:45:12

Happy August!

  • I didn't do much today--I just updated my feelings-bar and added another button to the list of followers :) welcome, cobradile, the button was worth the wait!
  • Though I haven't posted any of it (very sorry...) I have been writing down ideas for my stories pretty much every day while I'm at work. Usually I just imagine the scenarios and hope I remember them, but writing down every idea that I have has really exposed how god-awful my memory is when it comes to things like that, lol. I can't even imagine how many cool ideas I've forgotten... Still, it's been fun to re-imagine ideas that I'd previously forgotten, and just think to myself, "wow, i remember thinking about this character's backstory while i was mopping the floor one day is 2017." crazy that i've been thinking about it for this long and I'm only just now forcing myself to actually write it, haha
  • also i told a coworker about this site and sent him the url, i am insane, i don't regret it but i am embarrased to show people things like this that are very close to my brain-space
  • last update for the night--i changed the icons next to the months on the left, so now they're cute little pixels :3


01 Sep 2021 14:31:31

Happy September!

  • Sorry for not updating much during August! I was on here a few times, but I didn't really do much that I thought would warrant an update log. Hopefully I add more stuff here this month!
  • Anyway, I fixed some of the links for the "followers marquee" and added two new followers
  • I fixed a problem with the marquee that's been bothering me for over a month! The Area-51 button wouldn't show, turns out I wrote "imh" instead of "img" for the image source, haha, kinda stupid but at least it's fixed
  • Also, I've been updating the "feelings box" every week or so, right now I'm gushing about my latest anime obsession, "The Case Study of Vanitas"! It's a vampire story, but it's actually done well and doesn't feel like a cliche. I've already written a few fanfics haha not gonna lie. As a degenerate fangirl, I gotta say that I hope my ship becomes canon haha

03 Sep 2021 13:20:24

Back so soon?

  • Very simple change for now, but I wanted to update this page haha! All I did was make it so the "my stories" tab redirects to the under construction dummy page while I make some adjustments. I'd like to finally put up something that I've written, so hopefully that'll be coming soon! I have to go to work in a minute though, so if I update again today it'll be in a few hours after I get off~

04 Sep 2021 23:50:13

Hello again!

  • Only one update for today--added a new button to the follower marquee. Everyone say hello to Daniel of purplehello98! Welcome aboard :)
  • I changed my mind, it's been about an hour but I don't want to add another date and time just for this lol. I added a new iframe to the main menu, but some of you may know that iframes are the bane of my existence and I don't yet understand them, so the sizing is all wacky and I don't feel like fixing it right now since it's almost 1 AM lol if you want to see what the iframe looks like in beta, click here! I like the Halloween theme~